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  • A professional design based on vibrancy and elegance

    Ethereal is an exquisite design bursting with sharpness and bold, but complementary visuals; within a rich framework of emphasized typography and iconography.
  • A versatile and flexible in-built dropdown menu system

    Gantry 5 benefits from a built-in navigation system. Dropdowns can be configured to be multiple columns with dynamic or configurable fixed widths.
  • Built on Gantry 5, a modern and flexible theme framework

    Gantry 5 is a revolutionary template framework, built for the modern web, with features such as responsive designs, drag & drop layout and menu controls.

A powerful content setup and display extension

A content extension with multiple layouts, themes and providers.

Gantry 5

Versatile array of Gantry 5 only content particles

Complex content creations purely with Gantry 5 particles.


Ultimate control with the intuitive template manager

A highly user friendly interface, such as drag & drop functionality.

Latest Shots

  •  Positions


    Unlimited positions possibilities
  •  Variations


    Stylistic block variations
  •  Presets


    Light & dark styles
  •  Advanced Menu

    Advanced Menu

    Visual menu editor
  •  Particles


    Range of custom particles
  •  Gantry 5

    Gantry 5

    Modern framework
  •  Responsive Layout

    Responsive Layout

    Adaptable Design
  •  Performance


    Built for speed

Ethereal has been developed exclusively for the groundbreaking Gantry 5 Framework. Ethereal leverages the power and simplicity of Gantry 5 to provide a wide array of features and layout possibilities to make it the perfect theme for any site.

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  • 1Particles, a quick and easy way to create complex content" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    1Particles, a quick and easy way to create complex content

    The Layout Manager supports particles, positions and atoms.
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  • 2An intuitive admin interface to configure the template" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    2An intuitive admin interface to configure the template

    A custom, user friendly backend console for the template.
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    • Setup
  • 3Offcanvas section for adding blocks to the mobile sidemenu" data-mosaic-order-date="">

    3Offcanvas section for adding blocks to the mobile sidemenu

    Configure the Offcanvas section in the Layout Manager.
    • Layout
    • Setup
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Must Read

  • Style Variations

    Style Variations

    Choose and configure from a range of light and dark style presets

  • 100%


    Access to the RocketLauncher, theme, extensions and sources for one price
Simple and Comprehensive Configuration

The Gantry 5 Framework is an ideal platform for users of all levels, whether beginners or web professionals. The administrative interface is both simple to use, intuitive and highly flexible, allowing for swift and extensive changes.

Ethereal Features

  • Menu Editor

    Visual Interface
  • Drag & Drop

    Layout Manager
  • MegaMenu

  • FontAwesome

    Icon Library
  • Responsive

    Mobile Support
  • SCSS Support

    Advanced CSS
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From the Blog

Gantry 5 Gantry 5 The Next Generation of Template Frameworks
Gantry 5 is an advanced, versatile and multi-platform template framework designed for the modern web.

Particles revolutionize the creation and delivery of content

Particles operate as easy to create, configure and customize blocks that form the flesh of the frontend, from placeholders to self contained content and functions.

Advanced and dynamic architecture underpinning Gantry 5

Twig is a powerful templating engine for PHP that makes for fast and flexible coding. YAML is a human-readable framework for template configurations.